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Finishing Things is way fun

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Finishing Things is way fun

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I've been up since 4:30 the last few mornings, la-la.  My brain is gone, but on the upside, the baby has gone back to sleep as long as I keep rocking him with my foot.  And the house is wooonderfully quiet.

My news is this: last week I finished Paint By Numbers and this week I’ve finished two other stories!

go me go me go me


I’ve never done so much short fiction at once before.  And I'm not through yet.  I have several more undeveloped ideas and, shit, it’s gratifying to finish things.  Usually I only complete a project once every year or two.  Or six. 


Other than that, it’s been a battle.  Kids all sick: three sets of green-spouting nostrils.  Steve's website very busy--we shot a new film and now I'm learning about video compressing.  I’m speed-reading LJ about every 3 days.


Also I'm down on the floor doing towel slides and planks and 'splinted crunches'.  A woman I know slightly asked me the other day if I was pregnant again.  
‘No, just utter and complete lack of muscle tone,’ I said.  
'I've made you feel shit, haven't I?'
Here's what I looked like 7 months ago:

Now the muscles are like guitar strings when you first put them on, before you tune the thing.  All floppy.  There is a two-inch wide gap between my rectus abdominals thanks to the stretch effect of these Giant Babies. So I have this little pouch at my belly button.  It actually comes to a small point.  I’m in a size 8 UK/4 US but there is still a bulge. They say it 'takes time'.  But I am not happy.  Yo: everybody with flat abs: I seethe with envy!

Also I went to have an IUD fitted for Obvious Reasons and the doctor couldn’t do it because she said my cervix is so scarred.  Thanks, kids!  Thank you!  And thanks for trashing the house every time I turn my back and making me into the mother from Malcolm in the Middle.  I'll find a way to get you back.  Actually: I won’t have to.  You’ve got my Genes.  This will be revisited Upon You, mwoah-hah-ha-ha!!

But it's not just me having vanity issues.  Steve has been referred to on a martial arts forum as 'like a caveman.'  I can't stop laughing, because, well, it's true!  You need a woolly mammoth bringing down quick, he's your man.

That’s all for now.  I think this Finishing Things phenomenon has made me over-excitable.

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