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There's a moving guest post by Karen Mahoney here about turning points as a writer.  She has as big a heart as anyone I've ever known, and I'm so grateful to be able to call her my friend.  Reading her post made me a bit weepy.  And it made me want to punch the teacher who laughed. 

I was talking about Kaz yesterday at Picocon, how she dared me to start writing the Thing I'm writing now and even named the main character.  She has a new book out, YA urban fantasy The Wood Queen, which is getting some lovely reviews.  Although I'd normally wave to kaz_mahoney from a post like this, I know she is working so hard on the final book in the series that she may not even be reading this. 

Kaz is one of those people who puts her money where her mouth is and takes the risks.  Big kudos to you, Kaz.

(A bit more about Picocon later when I've got time. It was fab.)


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