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Alison Sinclair SF/F author and scientist in the house

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Alison Sinclair SF/F author and scientist in the house

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She is alixsin and I'm delighted to see her on LJ. Alison wrote some terrific (and Clarke-nominated) SF novels in the late nineties. She has various hardcore science and medical degrees and now writes fantasy with the heavy-duty worldbuilding. I had no idea she had a blog here, but it turns out she posted this fascinating piece 'Who is Qualified to Write SF' in connection with a panel involving papersky over a year ago.

This particular piece is resonating a lot with me right now, both because I'm studying science myself (albeit at entry level) and because I've got a copy of the new(ish) Greg Egan novel to review.  The Egan is making me think about the scientist-writer relationship in all its swerves and particularities.

I would love to see Alison Sinclair produce more hard SF.  Would love.
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