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blah blah blah

OK, I'll post but it's all very blah blah blah. I've had two stupid colds in the last month.  Or is it three? I'm losing count. At the moment I have red devil eyes from conjunctivitis and I shouldn't even be on the computer, but I'm too scared of my math to look at it this early.

Training has fallen by the wayside, just as I was starting to like the Tabatas.  Really. (Almost).  At the moment if I take a deep breath I go into convulsive coughing fits, so urg for that and urg again. I want to train! I need my endorphins!

The kids are doing well at their new school. I try to use the extra driving time for thinking, so it's not too bad apart from the petrol cost.

Rhiannon has adopted a stray cat.  We thought it was a female (even our neighbour, who is a vet, thought it was a female, so it's not like I'm blind) and rushed to the vet only to be told, dryly, that it is a neutered male. It seems odd that someone would go to the trouble of neutering an animal and then not collar or microchip it--or report it lost, for that matter--but we haven't found the owner.  Rhiannon adores the cat and has named him Whisper. He sleeps on her Hugglebuddy.

I am looking forward to Eastercon. Steve and I haven't figured out exactly how we're going to work things with the kids--how much of the con they will come for, and what he will do with them to keep them out of my hair. We are in discussions on these weighty matters.

I can't wait to see everyone!

My eyes are now stinging so I'm outta here. Sorry for non-reading of LJ in the last week, but I'll be back soon.
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