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Announcement & a sample from MAUL

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Announcement & a sample from MAUL

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Today I'm over on the Orbit books blog talking about the release of Lightborn, Sound Mind, Double Vision and Maul in electronic format.  None of these books have been available for e-readers until now, so I'm very happy. I'm doubly happy and grateful that so many people have signal-boosted already. 

Over the next few weeks I will be putting up some samples and talking a little more about the books--especially about the older ones, because when they came out I was not in a position to blog about them.

For now, I give you the opening of Maul, because I can.


      It feels smooth and heavy and warm when I stroke it because I've been sleeping with it between my legs. I like to inhale its grey infinite smell for a while before I pass my lips down its length, courting it with the tip of my tongue, until my mouth has come to the wider part near the tip. This I suck, and blow gently into the hole. It becomes wet in my mouth but doesn't soften. It remains achingly solid and I put it between my legs. Its tip snuggles around my clit. On the day I bought it, I had to test out several models before I found one that fitted, and Suk Hee's gangster cousin Woo kept trying to look around the side of the van to see what I was doing. Woo was afraid someone would come and he'd get caught with the van and everything. I came. It was the only way to be sure I had the right one. 
      It's narrow enough that I can slide it into my cunt without breaking the hymen. I grope around for a while trying to find my G-spot but the urge to pee is too great when I press there and anyway I think the whole thing's gotta be a myth so I go back to where I started.
      Bodies of light fence and entwine on a mantle of blue. Leo and the Hydra.
      The fine hairs on my arms are electric and there's a tingling down my legs and up the back of my head.  It's a tropical kind of feeling. The Lynx and Ursa Major, which looks like a reindeer not a bear. My nipples are standing up and rubbing against the sheet. My clit gets more sensitive first in one spot, then in another; but it can't elude the round metal that encircles the glans and works every aspect at once.
     Orion, Orion, Cassiopeia and Auriga buried deep in the milky way. 
      It's good if I twirl the cylinder, a spinning circle around my flesh sinking also into, and. Come in. Its muzzle seeks me out: Factory made in New Mexico, it noses toward its original home. Deep deep.  Into the danger; the curves, the trigger. Its steel pin has butterflied me; I'm spread out on a card. The metal wraps me and I wrap the earth in starpaper. I can see myself now in the third person. She is splayed across the planet: a contortionist, her hands and feet meet behind her head, she is whirling fast and the stars become lines become a ribbon of light becomes a curtain. Her body. MY. Appearing, the taut, her legs. 
      SEE HER a torn place, there's a dark SHE'S darkness beginning to split open now tears the curtain THE GOLDEN a wet rending sound the consequences if seen IAM
      a deep place of no light. NOW yeah yeah yeah
      the missile, it's--YEAH
      A deep PLACE. Something's THERE. It's really BIG and it's going to, deep in the earth where it's hot there's a core of IRON it's coming towards sliding metal on metal black black fire
      Iron FE chemical number 26 which is made of the original matter of the SUN a great gob that split away in the primordial moments of deep in the consequences if seen a rending Plieades like a doll's veil
      and here comes the big missile past the point of recall it's it's it's it's it's
TOO LATE now oh it's much too late you CAN'T stop YEAH
don't end
!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
!!!!!! !!!!
no. oh. no. don't go.
      Hmm. Not bad.
      Not bad.
      Pretty good.
      What time is it? Late. Better quit here. Stay hungry.
      I lie back in bed and grope for a cigarette.
      I smile.
      I used to wish I had a boyfriend but now I know better.
      Even a hypothetical boyfriend wouldn't understand
      How I feel.
      About my gun.


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