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it's harder to hit a moving target?

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My verdict on the moleskine that I received from a mysterious benefactor is that it will never work for writing because it has lines (ugh) but it's utterly wonderful for tracking to-do lists and making little notes and plans. And that's what I've been using mine for, to the point where I feel a little nervous if it's too far out of reach.

I had this stupid idea in my head that I was having the summer off to work on the SF novel. 

You wouldn't know that to look at the inside of my moleskine. There's just far too much going on every day for my comfort. It is all important, vital stuff. But it results in a lack of staring time, and I need my staring time.

Still, I press on. I did one more pass on Shadowboxer because I'd had a sudden insight about the plot that I should have seen about two years ago, but I can be slow like that. This draft is now going out to some beta-readers for help with culture. I'm apprehensive about the scope of changes I may have to make, but this is my absolute favourite of all the novels I've written so far. I never could have hung in there like this if I didn't love it like a furry animal. 

Depending on how my exam results turn out, I may have a full-time university course load this year.  I'm trying to get ahead in case this happens. It means most of my online/e-mail time is getting redirected ruthlessly to the moleskine list.

Listen to me. I sound so focused.  This can't be good.
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