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I've hit on a writing strategy for the summer that's working really well. Instead of my usual approach, which would be to try to get 2000 words a day every day with maybe one day a week off, I'm doing every other day 4000 words each.

What I like about this is that on the off days I'm free to spend time with the kids and get stuff done--always lots of that. And on the on days, I'm so pedal-to-metal that there isn't time to think about what I'm doing. I have to just do it. I actually love writing fast. It's like downhill skiing. OK, I crash into trees a lot, but it's still really fun. It forces me to get over myself.

On the physics front, I saw this article yesterday about places going unfilled in teacher training courses for secondary school physics. I get e-mails and phone calls regularly from the teacher training agency; they are actively recruiting physics teachers and it's really, really nice to be wanted for a job! SO REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT FROM BEING A WRITER!!!! I have been waffling about whether to go all the way for the BSc honours degree (360 credits) or just take the flat BSc (300 credits) and get on a training programme. If I apply this year for next fall I should be a strong candidate for School Direct, and they pay you a salary to train on the job. This would be really helpful and I'm thinking seriously about applying while I'm doing courses in quantum physics and relativity or maybe quantum physics and astrophysics. Eep! I'm studying quantum physics from October! All the math is finally starting to pay off in setting me up to learn the freaky things.

Trouble is, although I could always pick up the extra 60 credits later, I doubt very much I can teach full time and pick up 30 credits a year and also write at any sort of useful rate. I could teach and write or teach and study but not do all three. And I'd really love to have the honours degree just in case some day I wanted to do a Master's in Applied Maths or maybe statistical biology or...or...gosh, so much interesting stuff out there! I want to learn it all. I keep wishing I'd gone for neuroscience instead of physics because it's such an exciting area right now, but the OU doesn't have the kind of courses I'd need.

So I am not sure. One thing I am sure of is that this SF novel will be going down by the time I go to Fantasticon in September. I don't care if I have to blow up a universe or two to simplify the plot, I'm finishing it!
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