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It's been so long since I blogged that I feel all shy.

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Thing is, I've been restricting social media use to the bare minimum to avoid distractions, and it's working really well. Still, in the interest of not disappearing altogether, I'm going to see if I can't manage the occasional blog from time to time. Nothing ambitious.

Yesterday I visited Ravenstone Press, which is the new children's imprint run by the same people who bring us Solaris Books. They are publishing Shadowboxer this October as a YA title, and we had a good meeting about how that will work. I came away very happy.

My new website is all echoey and empty due to my administrivia failures.* Until I've got more pages up, I'll just say that the SF Gateway now have some of my backlist available as digital downloads worldwide, specifically Lethe, Someone to Watch Over Me, Dreaming in Smoke and Maul. For readers new to my work, I'd say Maul is the most accomplished thing on the list, Someone to Watch Over Me was generally ignored when it came out and shouldn't have been, and Dreaming in Smoke won the Clarke for 1999. Lethe is my first novel, different in tone to the others, more traditional SF. I was 26 when I wrote it.

Of Lethe: I've just heard from Imogen Church that she has finished recording the audio book. I'll give a shout when it's on the market.

Other than that, I'm heavy into the energy eigenvectors and the spin states. Indistinguishability. Up next: entanglement. Utterly boggley--I'm told you don't grok it, you just do the maths and hope for the best.

The SF novel is creeping forward. Do it like a fungus, do it like a mold. That's my rallying cry for this one.

* (I will be posting this on the new Wordpress site and also on livejournal for now, until I am better organised.)
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