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Lightborn Draft One Progress Notes

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Lightborn Draft One Progress Notes

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Life interference: I have not had very many writing sessions lately.  All the usual kids hacking coughs/birthday parties/averted health scares/toilet training/sleep disturbance/minor emergencies/Steve working/toddlers scaling furniture. I have been feeling a little psychotic. OK, VERY psychotic. Be careful with that axe, Eugene.

What I'm working on now: The second act, filling in gaping holes and realigning what's already written to accomodate major plot changes.
Subjective nonwordcount progress guess: I am crawling. Every time I think I’m building momentum, I find I’ve actually stopped. I guess I have to accept that any progress, however small, is good progress, and stop being upset that I can’t do the old ‘fell swoop’ move that I so deeply crave. I am declaring a ban on fell swoop thinking. I am going to think in terms of nibbles. Nay, crumbs. MOLECULES.
You know I do my writing when Steve has the kids sleeping in the car and he’s driving around VERY SLOWLY to save fuel. Well, the other day he told me he passed an old blind man walking down the middle of a country lane alone. The man would listen for approaching vehicles, scurry to the side of the road, wait for them to pass, and then move out into the middle again with his stick and carry on.
That’s how I feel.
What I am doing to keep from cracking up: Took a walk up past the old lead mine works today. Longshadowed winter sun, sweeping views over into Wales, and near silence on the hill. Must do this kind of thing more often. 
Also, bizarrely: I have been cooking. Not sure what’s going on there. Hmm.
Other: I have found my old ‘A Love Supreme’ CD stashed among some tax records. Much happiness. Between Shostakovich (a la Keith Jarrett) and Coltrane I am going to get through this draft.
Please forgive me if you’ve commented recently and I haven’t responded. I’m trying to keep netty things to a minimum and it’s about all I can do to get these little posts up to catalogue what I’m doing (or not doing, more often). I’ll be more sociable after this draft is done. 

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