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Happy Holidays, with punch

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Happy Holidays, with punch

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First of all, before I forget—Happy Equinox, everybody, Happy Belated Hanukhah, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Groundhog Day (in advance). Seriously: happy happy, everybody!
It’s v. busy here. Sean fell headfirst off the sofa into the tree, but only once so far. I was intending to do a You Tube Xmas video for friends and family like I did last year, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Steve will be down in Coventry on Saturday so maybe I’ll do it then.
I did make this silly little training film and I’m posting it for your amusement. My favourite part is near the end where I’m obviously v. tired and ‘Sunday Morning’ comes on and I go a bit berserk with the body shots. You can clearly see that I am in need of something to hit on a regular basis.
I am in need of a number of other things (like footwork, abdominal muscles, and lungs that don’t quit) as well, but I’m hoping those will come in time. I really do miss training.
While I was putting the video on the computer, the kids watched it over my shoulder and the baby started staggering around the kitchen trying to kick things and going, ‘Unhgh!’. 
At least, I think that's how you spell it.

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